Bluetel is engineering-led technical agency, expert at delivering business value through cloud technology.

We work with startups to multi-national corporations

Our approach is founded on pragmatism,
uncompromising standards and honesty.

Context is key.

We prioritise delivery, being scrupulous about product and technical decisions. We design contextual solutions to the scale of the problem and use case, not in excess. Then, relentlessly execute using modern delivery methods without compromise.

Design Thinking
User-centered delivery
MVP scoping & Development

"Being pragmatic helps reduce ever-extending deadlines, over budgeting and keeps us focused on delivery."

Tom Aske

Software Engineering Manager @ Bluetel

Uncompromising Standards

Minimal technical debt.

Moving fast doesn’t mean creating a mess. Our engineers write clean, readable and tested code, making it simpler for others to pick up and get going quickly. This saves you time, money and reduces problems in the short and long-term.

Test-driven development
Continuous integration
Peer-reviewed code

Setting accurate expectations

We believe in delivering on what we say: to do this, we need to be realistic and accurate about what’s possible within the timeframe and budget. We’ll guide you through the implications of various design and tech decisions on budget, scope and timeline.

By setting up flexible, often-reviewed Agile sprints and epics, we’re able to move fast and flexibly with changes in scope.

Agile Development
Continuous deployment
Extreme product & Dev expertise

"Being transparent is part of effective communication. Without that, it becomes almost impossible for two organisations to seamlessly collaborate."

Jan Kolasinski

Managing Director + Co-founder @ Bluetel


Our engineering and product teams are at the forefront of delivery and client communications. Our engineers demonstrate extreme ability and competency in their work, being able to faciliate important decisions collaboratively with clients.

Never taking anything for granted - and always with at least one eye on user experience - we approach every project critically, challenging internal thinking to help you look at your business objectives from different perspectives.

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Cloud tech & transformation

True cloud transformation doesn’t just move your existing infrastructure into the cloud.

It can transform your whole operating model, redefine customer experience, enable better ways of working and open up new opportunities. In short, it can drive significant and measurable competitive advantage.

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