Architecture, Re-thought

We work with our partners to move them to a cloud-poweredmicro-service architecture that delivers business agility and innovation


We use our experience of building API-led applications to design self-contained, scalable micro- or nano-services that allow for rapid deployment across the enterprise.


As an AWS Associate partner, we are fluent in the use of the AWS technology stack to deliver a truly scalable and secure infrastructure that is flexible, infinitely extensible and secure.


"Innovate or Die" is the mantra of successful digital businesses today. Our team of engineers will support your ideas by translating them into a robust architecture that will not tie you to any one vendor and provide you with the flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere.

Business agility

Through a micro-service architecture, we help our partners concentrate their technology investments on innovative programs rather than maintenance.

We work with, or as your tech team to:

...your enterprise architecture to micro-services.


...continuous delivery through containerisation.


...towards a technical ecosystem that supports business agility.


...on a vision of an agile business that is able to respond quickly to new market opportunities.

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